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I. Is the USA a Classless Society? Class struggle in US history

By The Cynical Historian

Ever heard “the USA is a Classless society?” Then why has their been class conflict? There’s been strikes, fights, and wars – all around being part of a class.

II. Wendish Crusade | 3 Minute History

By Jabzy

The Wends were a Slavic people in what is now northeastern Germany and Poland. They took part in the Second Crusade with the Holy Roman Empire.

III. Vietnam | Indochina during World War II

By History Hustle

When mentioning the words Vietnam and war people inevetiably think of the Vietnam War. Some might remember the French waged war before that. But before that the Japanese took control over Indochina. How did they manage to do that? In this special video it’s all about Indochina during the Second World War.

IV. 7 Extraordinary True Stories from WWI 

By SideNote

Seven stories you have never heard before about the first world war. Learn all about the participation of Siam (modern-day Thailand), British recruitment practices, the heroic deeds of Alvin Cullum York, and more!

V. Medieval Astronomy

By Quill & Ink History

This is a chapter in the story of the precarious survival of classical learning in the Early Middle Ages and the rise of universities in the High Middle Ages. Learn all about medieval beliefs about the movement of the planets and the relationship between science and Christianity.