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I. The Siege of Kohima: Stalingrad of the East (1944)

By House of History

The Battle of Kohima and the concurrent Battle of Imphal saw troops from both sides suffer conditions that became infamous for their horrific nature. It earned the Siege of Kohima the nickname: “Stalingrad of the East.”

II. Brutal Experiments by Japan: Unit 731

By History Hustle

The Nazis were not the only ones to conduct experiments on human subjects for the development of biological and chemical weapons. Learn more about the atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Army’s Unit 731.

III. Germany’s First Concentration Camp

By SandRhoman

Dachau was the first concentration camp of Germany. Its establishment is considered one of the Nazi regime’s vital first steps toward the Final Solution. Here the infamous Nazi prison guards made their debut, alongside countless atrocities.

IV. 7 Extraordinary True Stories from WWI 

By SideNote

Seven stories you have never heard before about the first world war. Learn all about the participation of Siam (modern-day Thailand), British recruitment practices, the heroic deeds of Alvin Cullum York, and more!

V. Medieval Astronomy

By Quill & Ink History

This is a chapter in the story of the precarious survival of classical learning in the Early Middle Ages and the rise of universities in the High Middle Ages. Learn all about medieval beliefs about the movement of the planets and the relationship between science and Christianity.