Our Mission


We’re the team behind the Armchair History website as well as The Armchair Historian YouTube channel. Our team was born out of the twin desires of discovering and creating, growing from one armchair historian to a company populated by researchers, writers, animators, mapmakers, and voice actors bound by our love of history. By using today’s cutting-edge technology, we’re carrying yesterday into tomorrow. We’re proud to bring you this new platform to binge historical content like never before.



My name is David Mainayar, and I’ve been fascinated by history since I was a kid. The first era that captured my imagination was the Middle Ages, but, through the combination of voracious reading, documentary-watching, podcast-listening, as well as frequent trips to Europe, that spark has since matured into a flame, leading me to learn about a range of historical topics with a fiery sense of curiosity. I began working with The Armchair Historian channel in March of 2018 after becoming a longtime fan. My duties have ranged from research and script-writing to marketing and social media outreach. I am currently an intended Business Administration major at the University of California, Berkeley and enrolled in two history courses, one covering Middle Eastern history and the other encompassing the history of Italy from the Renaissance onward.



My name is Griffin Johnsen, also known as “The Armchair Historian.” I have felt passionate about history ever since I can remember, being greatly influenced by my grandfather Norman, who served in the 52nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment as a Master Sergeant during the Second World War. Together, we watched countless documentaries and talked about his experiences in the war. After he passed away in 2008, I kept him close to heart and continued studying. Eventually, I decided to start my YouTube Channel in June of 2016 when I was seventeen years old. I called it “The Armchair Historian.” Despite the channel name, however, there is more to the channel than just me. On the team, we have an artist as well as multiple researchers and script-writers all working diligently to produce well-made and informative history videos.


Creative Director

My name is Gert Bos and I am a digital illustrator. The creation of digital artwork began as an occasional hobby for me but has since become a regular aspect of my life. Since then, I am proud to say that I have completed thousands of commissions and am constantly looking for ways to improve and broaden my artistic skills. Since January 2018, I have been involved in every video production of The Armchair Historian! Needless to say, I’ve been kept very busy making illustrations, but another byproduct of completing so many commissions has been the cultivation of a newfound appreciation for history. I never particularly enjoyed history class, but bringing all these historical figures and scenes to life has captivated me in a completely unexpected way. I can now say that I too am an armchair historian!